Return on Ad Spend – ROAS Calculator

We’re a excited to present ROAS Calculator for our audience and clients, at Global Link Services we always take digital advertising seriously.

Using this tool you can quickly and easily estimate your return on advertising spend before you’ve even launched your first campaign.

Monthly Advertising Budget

£ 2000
How much do you spend on Facebook or Google Ads every month? If you don't spend anything yet, just test out a number.

Projected CPC

£ 3.00
How much do you expect to pay for a click?

Opt-In Conversion Rate

What percentage of your visitors convert into a lead on your website?

Conversion Rate

What percentage of your leads turn into a customer?

Average Sale Price

£ 5.00
On average, how valuable is a single sale / customer?


  • Number of Clicks 666
  • Conversions 4
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition £ 500.00
  • Customer Value £ 5.00
  • Expected Revenue £ 20.00
  • Return on Ad Spend £ -1980.00

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