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Looking to appear on the first pages of major search engines? Drive better conversions with you Google Ads? Stop wasting unnecessary budget on ads that don’t convert!

Our Manchester PPC management services are based on designing customised campaigns based on market conditions and needs of our clients.


We offer a wide range of PPC services, including PPC marketing services based on Paid Search Ads, Video Advertising, Display Ads, PPC Re-marketing and Social Advertising.

Our quality based advertisements are designed employing a knowledge based approach so that our clients can sell solution to their clients instead of employing a traditional product selling approach.

How Can Our PPC Management Service Can Benefit Your Business...

To ensure a maximum Return on Investment, our PPC management team base their strategies on constant monitoring and evaluation of bid prices and budgets.


We believe that our outstanding results are due to our customised approaches that are designed on the basis of individual demands and goals of our clients’ business.


We create a detailed list of our clients’ requirements of PPC management services and advertising along with a prioritised list of recommended activities, in order to ensure an effective delivery of services required by our clients.

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Join us for a free PPC assessment over the phone call or screen share, where we can advise you on how your business can benefit from our digital services.


Whether or not we decide to do business together, we are confident our call will be full of insights and actionable steps that can help you grow your business.

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions.

Our Manchester PPC Management Agency offers undisputed services when it comes to paid advertising. With years of experience we can, research, analyse and implement most complex campaigns that involves, retargeting and full customer journey cycle.

Like name implies keywords on Google search appear when users enter the them search query, Google allows for advertisers to bid on them keywords that are most lucrative for their business and industry. It works like an big online auction, as there many advertisers and not much space available.

Google gives consideration to better designed and structured ads, which have better landing page experience for end users and that way rewards advertisers to appear on top searches with lover Cost Per Clicks (CPC). 

PPC management and marketing is a broad industry as many new channels appearing and landscape is always changing and evolving especially in digital industry.

Google PPC ads include, search ads, local search ads, display ads, retargeting ads. These ads can show up on websites, social media channels, Youtube platform and mobile apps.

There are many advantages to correctly done PPC management, instant website traffic with potential leads and customers who are directly interested in your product or services. Another key factor is you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, otherwise you don’t have to pay, unless you running a view campaigns.


PPC Advertising and management can increase your customers and sales instantly, as with traditional commercial spaces there is a limited amount of people you can show your products or services to on a daily basis, where with Google the number of customers you can show your products or services is truly unlimited and fully controllable by your marketing budget capabilities.

If you build it... You May Still Need Google Ads