Facebook campaign strategies for 2020

With 2020 being just a few weeks away, it is normal to think about how its going to be like in the next year. But let’s be honest even in 2020, Facebook will be one of the most used social networks. Every month there are more than 2.46 billion active Facebook users, which makes it very clear that this will be the same even in 2020. We can even expect many new features being added to Facebook next year.

It is important to know that people don’t only use Facebook for passing their times these days or for chatting with friends or family, but Facebook is being used by many brands, companies and businesses as a great marketing strategy. There is no doubt in the fact that even in 2020, these brands and businesses will rely upon Facebook to promote their products or services.

If you are also one of those people who would want to use Facebook Marketing Strategy, then keep on reading. Here are seven tips that will improve your marketing strategy for Facebook in 2020.

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.”

Set a realistic Facebook goals.

There are different places such as blog posts, articles, books, etc from where you can learn how to have an advance Facebook strategy. It is essential to know that the most common tip that you will find from all these sources in order to have a great Facebook marketing strategy is to set achievable goals for your market. It is very important to not set unrealistic goals, which are not achievable as it will only make you demotivated.

Don’t set a big goal in the first month. Start from a small goal and reward yourself when you achieve it. In this way, when you keep achieving your small goals, this will make it easier for you to achieve a big goal in the end. You will need the best tracking tools for Facebook. There are several common goals among businesses which are enlisted below:                 

  • Improve the quality of products in order to increase the sales. With the help of a marketing strategy for Facebook, you will be able to reach your targeted audience and increase your sales.     
  • Get associated with social media users who have more number of followings on their accounts and ask them to share your product so that more people will get to know about it.    

 Know whether your competitors are ahead of you or not. Use different social media monitoring tools to track what your competitors are up to.

Start using Facebook analytics.

It is very important to analyse your Facebook marketing strategy. If you plan on improving your marketing strategy for Facebook in 2020, then you need to start using Facebook analytics tools.

These tools will give you reports and activity overviews of your brand’s page. Insights can always help in letting you know how your business is working and what you need to do to improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

Simplify and automate your content management.

Every social media network has its own style of posting content, however Facebook beats them all by providing its users with several styles and ways for posting content. You can share your content on Facebook stories either live or share images and videos.

You can also post content on the news feed. However, the quality of your content matters the most. If you are posting good quality content, then more people would be attracted to your brand. With that being said, it is also important to schedule how often you are going to post your content.

According to a survey, 57.5% of the people who use social media said that too many posts and promotions gets very annoying. So limit the number of your promotions. Make sure that the content that you are posting entertains the public and turns out to be helpful for them.    

Now that you are aware of the importance of posting good quality content on Facebook for your marketing strategy, we will now discuss the different places on Facebook where you can easily share your content, so it reaches the audience:  

  • Firstly, you can simply share your content on the ‘status’. As Facebook has added more features, you can now have a coloured background for your posts that can make your post more appealing and eye catching.
  • Next, you can also post images as it is more engaging. Visual images tends to attract more people towards the posts, so make sure to be creative and post eye catching images.
  • You can also post videos as they are high on demand these days and can get you more audience. Videos are easier to understand and will catch more people’s attention.
  • You can also share your content on Facebook Live as live content is 3 times more engaging.
  • Just like Instagram and Snapchat, you can also post stories on Facebook. Therefore, by posting your content on your Facebook story, more number of people can come across your content.

Know your Facebook demographics.

When it comes to marketing strategy for Facebook, your demographics play a key role. There are billions of people who are scrolling up and down their news feeds every day. It is important to know who is your targeted audience and whether your content is reaching them or not.

Don’t make your brand age limited and make sure that you have something for every age group, so that whenever a person from any age group sees your post, they immediately share it too. It is essential to know that people from the age 18 to 29 are the ones who use Facebook the most, so Facebook can be a good marketing place for your brand if you make products for young people.

Engage with your audience.

Instead of waiting for the audience to engage with you, make the first move and interact with the audience. This will make the audience believe that you care about your customers. As a brand, it is very important for you to take care of the people who buy your product. So, if they have any queries, you need to answer them. You can hold chats and discussions with the audience to learn how you can improve your brand.

Keep sharing content consistently.

Asking your employees to share your content on their Facebook accounts will help you in getting more audience and views as the post will be shared among more people. You can take help from your employees to promote your brand. They can also advocate about your products and services. The best times to post on Facebook are:

10 am to 3 pm on weekdays.

2 pm on Wednesday. 

1 pm to 2 pm on Thursday.

These steps will surely help you to improve your marketing strategy for Facebook and help you address your audience on a large scale. These tips will help you in getting more views and audience, which will automatically increase your sales and make your business flourish. Facebook marketing has always helped brands in getting more sales, so with the help of these tips you will learn how to navigate your way around.

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