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Meet Georgy...

Georgy, the founder of Global Link Service, has nurtured a lifelong fascination with technology and computing, evident from an early age. His journey led him to attain a master’s degree in digital marketing and to gain professional experience in the advertising realm across diverse international locations.


Having successfully assisted numerous businesses in exceeding their objectives through meticulously crafted marketing strategies, Georgy embarked on the entrepreneurial path. Recognising the demand for his expertise and insights, he established Global Link Service, a dynamic digital marketing agency headquartered in Manchester.

Target your ideal customers with organic and paid search campaigns that converts!

Our compact yet highly proficient team comprises SEO, PPC, and digital marketing experts who excel in developing customised campaigns designed to facilitate enhanced sales generation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Together, our team boasts an accumulated experience spanning over 10 years, having expertly managed Facebook, Google Search, Display, and Retargeting campaigns.


Furthermore, we take pride in our team’s qualifications as Facebook and Google Ads Partners, a testament to our dedication and expertise. This distinction is conferred upon us in recognition of our successful completion of accredited qualifications and our unwavering commitment to meeting the rigorous standards.

Saving your business time & money!

Effective management of paid search campaigns has the potential to yield substantial returns on investment (ROI) for your business. Conversely, errors in execution can result in significant financial losses.


At Global Link Service, our commitment is to collaborate exclusively with enterprises where we can demonstrably enhance sales outcomes. If we determine that our expertise won’t contribute to your success, we hold the integrity to communicate this candidly.


On average, we deliver cost savings ranging from 4% to 21% of our clients’ marketing budgets while simultaneously augmenting web traffic and conversion rates. This accomplishment is realised through our diligent and daily supervision of campaign optimisation, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.


Our approach to Facebook and Google ads management is comprehensive and meticulous. It encompasses the fine-tuning of ad accounts, messaging strategies, and landing pages, all orchestrated with precision to consistently maximise the returns derived from your advertising expenditure.

We Are...


The digital landscape is always changing and so we’re continually educating ourselves so that we can stay ahead of the game.


Our work and results speak for themselves. We ensure that your investment reaps the rewards by creating evidence-based strategic campaigns.


Our continued support and feedback is second to none. We’re a small team, dedicated to helping our clients whenever they need it.

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Why Work With Our Agency?

Experienced advertising agency can have many benefits for your business. Increased sales and enquiries to better brand recognition and cheaper customer acquisition to name a few.

Every campaign and industry is different there is no single answer to this question. After market research and keyword analysis we will have a better understanding what would be the minimum budget requirements for successful digital advertising campaigns. 

My passion is delivering leads, sales, increased revenue and positive ROI for my clients from PPC channels. I take a root and branch approach to PPC management that involves optimising ad accounts, messaging and landing page optimisation.

I am a Facebook & Google certified Ads expert. My Facebook & Google Ads Certification is annually renewed.

Your Google & Facebook Ads account remains in your possession and you have full access and control of all activities at any time in our custom dashboard (like you get with high end agencies) where you can track performance and KPI’s anytime, without relying on our weekly and monthly reports.

I charge a set monthly management fee, without any hidden extras. I do not believe in long term contracts, I work with 30 day rolling contract, which motivates me to deliver great results faster and more importantly consistently.

How does it work

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