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We’re a tight-knit Manchester Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to helping businesses drive web traffic, increase sales and grow online at an affordable price.

Navigating the world of digital marketing can be a daunting and time-consuming task for many business owners. Get it wrong, and you’re flushing money away. Get it right, and watch your business soar.

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What our clients say

Next level of efficiency and expertise on Google & Facebook campaigns. Georgy and his team at Global Link Services always helpful, motivated and has genuinely created sales volumes that eclipse all previous digital marketing agencies efforts.
Alex Lopidus
CFO at Initech
Georgy is a great person to work with. Fantastic digital marketing skills with insights, delivered real value to our business, that reflects in our significant growth in the short space of time.
Nick Samson
CEO at Soylent
Working with Global Link Services for past 2 years now, in that time they have really helped our drainage and plumbing business to grow. Georgy is a great digital marketer with knowledge and experience in our industry.
Ashley Morston
Co-Founder at Drains For You


We do not suggest all strategies to all customers, but our marketing agency analyses the business first, and then suggests PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEO or other digital marketing solutions, based on our customers’ requirements.

Our services are designed to suit clients needs and requirements for successful paid and organic growth.

Our experts understand the unique needs and demands of every business, thus our digital marketing services are designed to meet the unique aims and objectives of our clients’ business. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients, so that they can entrust us with all their PPC & SEO and other digital marketing needs.

We don’t have a set minimum budget required as every client, industry and marketing campaigns are unique. With that said, we will make sure to let you know in advance if goals and objectives are achievable with your current budget or if it’s too small for us to take it as we won’t be able to guarantee successful results.

When it comes to pricing and budgets, a lot will depend on the industry and competition levels, if the site has advertised before and has useful PPC data or done any SEO work previously on the site.

We don’t believe in holding onto clients via a piece of paper. Instead, we prefer to retain clients with real results. Our standard contract only requires 30 days notice if you wish to stop PPC management services for any reason.

Our Manchester digital marketing agency location is not a barrier for type of work we provide as digital marketing services can be applied remotely and client don’t require our presence on site. We don’t just work with UK clients but globally.

We also work with businesses in Georgia, France, Italy and Russia delivering successful results and communication via computer and phone. Whenever possible we do like face to face meeting whenever clients are locally based or visiting Manchester.

In our Manchester digital marketing agency we often see results with SEO where returns on investments for our clients varies between 20x to 45x depending on the industry, services and products they are offering.

With paid media channels on Google Ads and Facebook we see ROI’s anywhere from 3x to 25x for our clients on consistent basis, but we have delivered results where companies have seen returns over 230x on their investment in Manufacturing, Drainage and HVAC industries.

Knowledge, experience and expertise is a main factor – as we always have to work harder to maintain our clients happy, which means delivering high returns on investment and more importantly delivering great results consistently. Our staff is fully accredited by Facebook and Google and have up to date knowledge with the latest trends and updates in digital marketing world.

As most business owners time is already spread thin, time is a another key factor. For consistent high ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) SEO & PPC skills take time to learn, so for forward thinking business owners put their time and effort where it matters most, closing clients for their business and leave marketing headaches for us to deal with.

Another important factor is our services mainly pays for itself, on average we save 12% to 25% of marketing budget for clients with Google and Facebook Ads without affecting the volume of traffic. We can achieve this by better campaign optimisation and achieving higher quality scores which in turn reduces CPC (Cost Per Click). So if you would like save time, money and have more profitable campaigns in 2020 book a free consultation and let’s talk today.

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